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Epinoia Aeon Federation enhances standards for produce and products with the introduction of True Quality License (TQL). TQL helps stop toxic waste accumulation and eradicates products of poor quality due to mass farmers and manufacturers pursuing egoistical and materialistic values while being fully aware of the damage they create. TQL aims to alter the human perception of the lifestyles we live and the quality of the products we consume.

TQL implements strict inventory and quality control to reduce mass and overproduction by reducing the quantity of manufacturing volumes. Customers must redirect their focus towards products that are recyclable, eco-friendly and renewable – aspects of high importance for the conservation of nature. All EAF products are TQL certified and ensured to be as sustainable and reusable as possible in efforts to minimize waste. 

 It is also TQL’s duty to ensure that all produce handling is transparent and trustworthy. Many investigations have shown that food labeled “organic” cannot be counted on because inspections aren’t being done on the front end in the actual field. The “organic” system is more of an unreliable “honor system” that depends heavily on farmers being truthful. Additionally, crop rotation will be eliminated to guarantee flavorful and nutrient-dense produce that is grown on fresh, restored land with sunshine, pure water and clean soil. 

TQL supports and cooperates with manufacturers who produce goods that adhere to international quality standards. Producers will be able to rent the TQL for 1 year with a yearly renewal option if production quality standards continuously meet the benchmarks.

Only mass awareness can spur on the necessary change and ensure that the ultimate needs of mankind can prevent the production of low-quality goods. Consumers must refocus and tend towards manufacturers that choose to produce goods that are of exceptional quality and durability. EAF views those who purchase TQL certified goods as partners, rather than customers. By purchasing our products, every transaction is a partnership that takes us one step closer to healing the world.

The unity in United World Nation will lobby:

·     manufacturers to produce goods that are recyclable, durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly

·     farmers to produce clean, authentic, and high-quality goods

“God Loves the Truth, Truth is a Force of Nature”

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