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The department of human services and Earth restoration.

• Our dedicated teams are determined to bring ecological balance on Earth, including the protection and preservation of organic life in all forms.


• Our eminent Ministers and Councilors are restoring mass consciousness and raising global awareness on the consumption mindset. This is being achieved through the promotion of educational elements aligned with Nature's principles and divine laws.


• Our spiritual team members devote themselves to reconnecting nations back with the Spiritual realm.

 The Architect of EAF & UWN

The Architect of the Epinoia Aeon Federation is LaRdas QU AsMaat.


With positive thoughts and creative actions, benevolent projects can lead any nation to shift their perceptions and ideals from materialism to the embracement of becoming spiritual beings.


The victorious achievements are made possible with the power of driving change. The EAF seeks to shift consciousness of people, from being malicious-minded civilians to evolving into benevolent civilians. We aim to clean up the lies produced by Confucianism and recreate the original Evangelistic Truth.

Prime Founders of EAF & UWN

Epinoia Aeon Federation was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Prime Founders:

  • Yegor Galindo

  • Leo Galindo              

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous 

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous  

  • Anonymous 

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous  

With roots from South America, the Galindo family has been in the agricultural industry since 1880. For generations, they were involved in the production of cotton, using cottonseed for animal feed purposes and cotton fibers for the textile industry. Until today they emphasize on the use of organic cotton and utilize methods and materials that have a low environmental impact.


Organic cotton production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility while reducing the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Our founders understand the critical importance of developing and using organic fertilizers void of toxicity and poisons.


The EAF’s founders have lived in Europe and the Americas and have learned from an early age to appreciate the value of fresh pure water, which is limited in most South American countries yet widely available in countries like Austria and France. Contaminated water is a major challenge worldwide and our founders are passionate in finding and sourcing novel water improvement programs, in order to develop treatments and to guarantee the safety of drinking water throughout the nations.


Additionally, the founders are well-versed in the importance of recycling and sterilization systems, which form the core basis for keeping them focused on the integration of the system into the 4 Veins of EAF. These are then connected to the aims of the United World Nation Naturalistic Society.

UWN Team 

The Epinoia Aeon Federation consists of  an initiative group of Ministers, Councilors and other prominent figures who desire to protect and preserve natural resources, restore the divine balance and save humanity from self-destruction. We feel obliged to help our children and the future generations to protect their planet.  We want  to ensure a bright tomorrow by taking timely action to save Earth and her inhabitants from the detrimental actions of mankind in the last several decades.


Many of our members have developed a common sympathy towards nature and animals since childhood. We grew up in loving and compassionate atmospheres. Sadly, we are witnessing today that marine life is destroyed, oceans are polluted and lands are deforested indiscriminately.


We are determined to eliminate such destructive processes of the face of the Earth. We are observing global injustices, and those in power are turning away from poverty. It seems that most governments refuse to hear the grievances of minority groups. It is imperative that we build an ideal world through Love, Faith and Spirituality which are the true sources of Divine Power. They are the Light Bringers


We are a naturalistic community  and we share common interests and values which makes our team internally and spiritually connected. Our common interests and eagerness to preserve nature and to make our world a better place prompted us to create the Epinoia Aeon Federation and the United World Nation.


The Divine Principles resonate with us and we take it upon us to apply this wisdom and knowledge into the Epinoia Aeon Federation. We have fortuitously expanded our community into the United World Nation Movement.


Ministers & Councils of United World Nation


If you are compassionate about Earth, loving and have a faithful heart with a pure mind, join us to further strengthen the Epinoia Aeon Federation!

19 Ministers of Justices

18 Ministers of Environment

18 Adolescent Councils of Animal 

19 Adolescent Councils of Naturalistic Society

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