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The United World Nation (UWN) actively promotes global naturalistic lifestyles by pushing environmental agendas for civilians through our projects specializing in water, air, pollution, and wildlife conservation.Nature nourishes the human body with natural alkaline food and spring water, keeping human cells in a perfect, pristine balance and ensuring good health. Decades of ailing health across the world should be an indication that the human body cannot be nourished with our current “normal” - the water from plastic bottles and food from corporate farms.


The UWN also raises spiritual awareness by refocusing the ideologies of populations and shifting the life experience from that of consumerists to naturalistic individuals - a new standard of morals and ethics globally established by the UWN. We strive to educate populations on waste recycling and reusing materials first by sanitizing bottles rather than treating them as disposables.


The Sterilization System is set to influence populations into reusing bottles through the sterilization process, or to recycle products for the manufacture of new eco-friendly products. Basically, there is no need to reconstruct the bottles since we can simply sterilize them in the Krystal Infinity apparatus.


Together, we can stop the accumulation of global waste as one united community in the circle of UWN. Together, we can collect the waste from all the lands and waters of Mother Earth and to convert the toxic waste into clean energy. This is an achievable task for UWN, as long as we are united as one.

Naturalistic Society Missions





The United World Nation is a COMMUNITY of peace and light. We preserve and protect the rights of Nature and Her inhabitants. In the golden age, decisions were made by intellectual beings who cared about nature and humanity. In the Aquarius Era however, we have upgraded humanity’s lifestyle and are resurrecting the traditional principles and divine orders as they originally used to be.


We have structured the system for mankind – a way of life to save ourselves from the imminent self- destruction. By protecting and preserving Mother Nature’s Resources (MNR), we will save Earth and her inhabitants. We will not allow anyone to disrupt, exploit and intoxicate Mother Earth, the home of   mankind.


It must also be considered why do humans have a judgmental attitude towards each other? Why does arrogance, greed, selfishness and a materialistic mentality prevail over spirituality? Confusion over what’s important has led us to reach the point where we are unable to attain peace and inner calmness. We often do not find the time to stop and enjoy the precious moments of our lives. It seems we have exchanged our spirituality and eternity for the thrill of the chase for material wealth.


The existing environmental organizations, governmental green programs and international corporations are not doing enough. Their ineffectiveness merely proves our point. The Earth’s politicians and leading organizations have lost control, trust and respect of their nationals. Most global governments are making decisions WITHOUT ethics, morals or a hint of spirituality. Due to such propensities, they are unable to restore global peace and to heal our planet from pollution and toxins. The incompetent relationship between nature and the human lifestyle creates a situation where global peace is also suffering due to the controlling regime of Earth’s leading countries.


• Current civilizations have lost faith in themselves and their Creator.

• People live without any morals, and their consciousness is based on materialism.

• Humanity has become callous, heartless and hardened in spirit.

• Humans remain oblivious to the cause and effect principles.


Besides meeting our physical needs for existence, we also need spiritual food as well. Such spiritual values have been lost in the modern educational system. We insist that childhood education should integrate the traditional values and should be directed towards creationism rather than destruction. Together we must restructure the socially damaging education system.


Since the beginning, our spiritual values have very much been an inherent part of the human DNA. The awakening process of the great light has redirected current civilization towards survival and balance. We confidently vouch for the members of our team, in that they are knowledgeable on the spiritual way to peace and sovereignty.


Together, we can make a change now!

The fundamental altruism towards nature

is in OUR essence.



One of our PRIME missions is to impede the movements of dishonest manufacturers who produce toxic products of poor quality for the world. These producers as well as their supportive governments perform a criminal act on Mother Earth and humankind. We aim to eradicate soulless manufacturers who are deliberately littering and accumulating waste on the planet.


We actively promote the rights of nations and aim to support manufacturers who are capable of producing goods of excellent quality. These products will last longer, and the packaging is to be fashioned out of environmentally friendly materials. Most importantly, the products must be sold at a reasonable price.


Customers can help the Earth to thrive again by stopping the flow of toxic waste and to purify the air, water and land from the wastes. This can be achieved by simply stopping investments into businesses that produce toxic products. Yet customers are dealing with a dilemma – high quality products are too expensive, leading consumers with no choice but to purchase the more affordable options which tend towards toxicity. It is crucial that we change this malicious system.


The power lies with the customers and their decisions. They decide which products to buy or not to buy. Customers play an essential role in the global market and producers as well as customers themselves underestimate the power of the Customer’s Choice!


Owners of industrial farms raise animals which are perpetually tormented, living a miserable life because of inhumane treatment. People who consume meat, eggs and milk from tortured animals can't be nourished properly, since the animals are fed with antibiotics and spend their short lives in cages. These animals are often murdered in such a way that stress hormones are released into muscle tissue which is transferred to customers who consume them.


The Epinoia Aeon Federation is breaking the fallacy on overpriced products of low quality. We propose and support the manufacturing of products from the waste we collect with the Uran-Tia Recycling System. We produce goods of excellent quality and support eco-friendly products. Our exceptional products are affordable for all, including those from the lower- and middle-income groups due to the elimination of third parties: the packaging and transportation sectors. These unnecessary costs add on to the price of a product that a customer buys. Ultimately, the customer receives the brunt of the cost. By eliminating the intermediaries, the cost of the product will drop significantly.


The era of exploiting the Earth's resources for capitalistic utilization has reached catastrophic levels. The Earth is rejecting her co-existence with humanity. Humans are treating nature with disrespect and disregard. Such actions are putting the human civilization and Earth at risk. Despite this, modern civilization continues to accumulate waste by manufacturing the toxic products which are not durable and continually forces the customers to repurchase the same product. We have to stop this insanity.


Greed is destroying our countries. The economy is designed to kill ecosystems on Earth. Lawyers and judges are playing games with the ecosystem, thus declaring a war against Mother Nature.


This kind of selfish mindset has led to 14 billion pounds of trash making its way into the oceans, causing over 22 million pounds of plastic to pollute our world. Oceans are the circulatory system of Mother Earth, and the sea is home for marine life. We mistreat our planet and do not do enough to clean up the waste we have manufactured. The accumulation of toxic waste in the oceans and on land is ignored and increasing.


We can do our part to clean up water and land as one united community. Once we collect toxic waste, we can convert it into eco energy in the form of ANK power to supply civilians with Eco-electricity.


Leading the humanitarian lifestyle begins with the inherent embodiment of nature as a whole aspect of Divinity. Nature nourishes humans; we must always remember that we are tied through invisible threads to Mother Earth’s grid. We have to accept the embracement of global welfare in order to restore our ecosystem, if we want to stop racial and religious disharmony as a trigger. Only then we can achieve national happiness, peace and absolute national unity.


Great environmentalists such as Greta Thunberg, Chico Mendes, Julia Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Abbey are doing their part to alert the people to stop infecting Mother Earth, BUT no one has paid them any serious attention. The voices of great ecologists have not been heard either. We must correct ourselves before it's too late, since sacred guidance has been forsaken by humans. You can change yourself from an Eco Debater to an Eco Savior of the world.


Humanity has to take responsibility for these actions because it directly influences the environment we live in. We depend on the balance of ecosystems so we must persevere to keep this Divine balance of nature. We have to honor water, respect Mother Earth and preserve her resources. Therefore, we need to align our lifestyle with the harmonious natural order to become a naturalistic society.


Spiritually based communities experience a wiser way of life and understand the importance of protecting natural resources. This is a perfect model for industrial communities.


The reforestation of Earth must begin now! Humanity must STOP cutting down trees!

The current civilization has destroyed thousands of forests around the world. Now this issue has escalated into an urgent matter, and we must restore forests back to their former glory. We must make things the way they were before the industrial era obliterated and infiltrated the zone of the animal kingdom. More trees mean that there will be less CO2 in the atmosphere and that the rate of global warming will slow down. Additionally, deforestation has caused the wildlife and the native tribes to become unwelcome guests in their own home. We are depriving them of their original home without any consideration, and they have no place to go.


If humanity needs trees to manufacture objects, they should GROW them first. Plant forests before cutting them down! Around 260 pounds of oxygen is produced each year by a single tree. One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tons of C02 from the atmosphere each year. However in the last 100 years around 50% of the trees on Earth have been cut down.


The restoration of forests with native trees can increase oxygen levels worldwide. Such efforts will provide a much-needed home to the animal kingdom since their original home was taken away by thoughtless people. Humans have been cutting down and burning trees maliciously and heartlessly without any concern on animals or the environment. These poor creature’s homes were taken from them by humans, and we must take the initiative to reverse this evil act.


You can become an Environmental Savior by supporting the restoration of forests and preserving natural resources. Join us collectively as we take action to restore forests worldwide! Biodiversity is a delicate thing and it is crucial to update communities by providing people with farmed food and sustainable livelihoods for Families.


The Epinoa Aeon Federation demonstrates multi-purpose and multi-layered resilient systems to solve environmental issues through population education on the 4 Veins.

Fifth Mission: Legacy

Gender equality is a human rights issue that, when resolved, has the ability to save lives, benefit the economy, reduce human trafficking, and lead to overall peace. Many believe the feminist movement stands as a threat to male power, but the fight is to achieve equal power. Uniting both male and female forces creates the ultimate balance.

While we have come a long way as a society, women are still suppressed and not treated equally; they are underpaid, not given the same rights as men, trafficked as property, etc. In fact, many countries are still stuck in the ideology of the puritanical foundation they were built on – one created by men who considered women nothing more than mere objects. Women were discouraged from voting, threatened with violence, held hostage by their spouses, and prohibited from working certain jobs. The mistreatment of women as property must be put to an end as we, too, are God’s creation.

            Investing in gender equality allows women to thrive by giving them better education and job opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. Women need to be protected for prosperity and fertility for all. It is a human rights issue that creates a better world in which both men and women can peacefully coexist. 

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