The bank of the future is being shaped by a shift from offline to online banking. There is growing consumer trust for digital platforms and increased desire for mobile banking systems, pushing us at Epinoia Aeon Federation to create the Mer Digital bank with BA e-currency.

Mer Digital Bank

The Mer Digital Bank is an online banking system for global customers and is designed for self-organizing and self-financing through personalized digital banking products. The platform will allow the borrowing and spending of assets, as well as transferring funds to others through a user-friendly interface that provides wealth tracking and management solutions.


The Mer Digital Bank and payments platform can be a global phenomenon, unrestricted by local banking regulations and protected by enhanced security systems, such as facial recognition apps and fingerprint protection for all accounts. Our platform will take precautions to ensure that all data and applications remain 100% secured and protected. We seek to provide users with instant access to their funds at any part of the globe.


BA e-currency and BA coins will illuminate the path towards a prosperous Circular Economy and will become the unique electronic global currency for all nations.

KA – EcoInvestment


Lucrative opportunities are designed to give prominence to global environmentalists and ecologists and to balance the ecosystem. It will then repair the damage that has been wrecked by the reckless behavior of nations.

New opportunities arise to solve global issues, and these come in the form of Eco-investments. Such efforts place value on and contribute towards the meeting of new environmental regulations to save the planet and humanity. Our private placement strategies are designed to create a measurable environmental and naturalistic societal impact which addresses critical global challenges and contributes towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Climate change remains the biggest sustainability challenge facing mankind, causing a seismic shift in current business models towards sustainable agribusiness, the implementation of reusable bottling systems and the counteractions against water scarcity. The market confidence on future economic performances would gradually worsen due to environmental degradation, increasing constraints on agricultural resources and lack of potable water.

ECO Investors are welcome to  join Epinoia Aeon Federation as partners and naturalists to rebuild Earth and  to save the nations by funding noble efforts such as:

  • Krystal Grid Water Complex: Krystal Infinity, Krystal Fountain, Krystal Stream and Residential Water System ApSu, 

  • Financing in Agriculture Technologies AN-HAYYA

  • Financing in Recycling sector Uran Tia, 

  • Financing in Clean Energy ANK-POWER.

Ba – Electronic Currency

Electronic currency BA Supported by a Satellite monetary system. 

BA is digital coin and acts like a digital currency, allowing fund exchanges through P2P instant payments.  Mobile wallets, loans, insurance services, online tax payments, virtual credit cards are available 24/7.

BA electronic currency and BA coins are backed by Gold, Silver and Water resources globally to ensure currency solvency and protect price volatility. Global Gold price will be required to reach a minimum of 10.000,00 per troy Ounce to provide proper currency equilibrium with M1 global GDP.

Aquarius - Satellite Data Storage

Data is a strategic and critical asset, and data security is vital to banking operations. Leading the new Satellite Cloud transformation of data security, our IT Team has developed a unique bulletproof Cloud Data Satellite System, using multiple satellites for the purpose of offering space-based secure cloud storage data centres.

Sowilo - Micro Loans

The New Circular Lending System will systemize loan provisions for responsible spenders and small-to-medium sized businesses in a form of unsecured micro loans to increase their productivity. Different from traditional banks, who tend to prefer large loans, this New Circular Lending System aims to provide consumers with micro daily use loans financing groups of 5 individuals in linked communities, charging daily interest rate of 0.04% on individual loans with €1.000 limit and on small business loans with €5.000 limit. The system will use data for real-time payments and third-party credit rating systems that utilize biometric-based identity verification platforms. It will also prominently incorporate Artificial Intelligence.


The lending system will provide loans to groups of 5 individuals. The 1st individual must pay the loan balance back, with daily interest, in order for 2nd individual in the group to receive the loan. This chain creates an internal group incentive system ensuring the loans are paid with a repayment period of up to 1 month. The lending cycle can be repeated after the 5th individual has paid the loan balance. Borrowers will be able to apply for a loan with a few taps through the app on their smartphone and the whole process will take 30 minutes with zero human involvement and the predicted default rate of 2%.

Tokens Incentive TIA

The TIA Token Incentive system is designed for people to receive rewards for recycling the materials that they bring to Uran-Tia collectors. Direct participation of each person will allow them to become role models as we aim to educate future generations in protecting and preserving Mother Earth’s resources.


The TIA Token Incentive system motivates humans to bring waste items to recycling plants or convert waste into eco-energy, rather than irresponsibly disposing of it. The digital tracking system provides Token Rewards which allows the purchase of the products and goods that Epinoia Aeon Federation produces for the health of Mother Earth and humanity.

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