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EAF’s 4 Veins are ethically responsible for protecting the environment and building trust with customers. The priority is always ethics over profits, embarking on only eco-friendly business practices.

The First Vein

"Krystal Grid"-  Glacial Water


Krystal Grid is natural glacial alkaline water from Iceland and Greenland with a pH level of 8.1. It possesses amazing healing properties that regenerate bio-cells. We extract natural oxygen from Iceland, Hawaii and Australia and infuse the water with this pure oxygen.  The chemical formula for Krystal Grid is H2O + O2 = H2O2.


The added oxygen provides numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system, flushing toxins out of the body and giving an elevated form of daily hydration. These all provide the basis for proper brain function.  


It has been shown that water has memory, and it is influenced by the environment in which it flows. Water has the capacity to store information in the molecules that make up the water bond, reacting with atoms and other objects that it comes in contact with. Along with this notion, different water sources are therefore infused with differing quality levels. When we drink water, our cells absorb the information from the water molecules. This means that the water we consume fills our body up with specific information. Accordingly, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle lies in the quality of the water you consume on a daily basis.


Scientific studies have suggested that drinking alkaline water provides benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. These ailments are commonplace in the modern world and are estimated to be affecting over 1.7 billion people worldwide.


Facilities in Greenland and Iceland are in line with requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the U.S. and the World Health Organization (WHO). Continuous testing is conducted at these sites to ensure that alkaline water meets top food safety and quality standards. Doing so guarantees that only the purest waters on earth are consumed, containing a natural purity value, or TDS (total dissolved solids), of less than 50 with pH level of over 8.4 and a toxin level of 0%. In contrast, tap water has a  TDS level of over 160.


The taste of alkaline water from Greenland and Iceland is very neutral, with a good mouthfeel and soft body. It doesn’t have that “plastic” taste which so many bottled waters inevitably contain. Alkaline water also does not have a metallic taste that heavier mineral waters do.


Most people consume acidic liquids with low PH levels, such as coffee, alcohol and soda. However, the human body is designed to properly function when consuming natural alkaline water with pH levels of at least 7.23. These levels create the optimal conditions for human bio-cells to thrive. Additionally, water pH levels of 8.1 or higher can regenerate and revitalize the human body. Current common drinking water generally has a neutral pH level of 7.0, while alkaline water has a pH level of over 8.4.


Naturally alkaline water in its purest form contains pH levels that better hold and preserve its alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This is significantly different from artificially-made alkaline water, which is just tap water that has been processed through an electric machine. This problematic ionization process splits water molecules and raises the pH level causing the body to believe it is receiving more alkaline minerals than those actually present in the water. As a result, this causes the body to deplete its own mineral reserves creating a mineral deficiency for the drinker.     

Krystal Grid Water Complex

The Krystal Grid Water Complex is an innovative infrastructure that distributes all beverages globally. Beverage corporations are welcome to lease Krystal Infinity apparatus to sell their own beverages, while we will fulfill all bottling and sterilization needs. The New Water Distribution System is not just profitable but mainly beneficial for the environment and eco-sustainability efforts. We aim to make natural alkaline water accessible to everyone.


The Krystal Grid Water Complex is an excellent substitute for the toxic plastic used in disposable bottles. Our priority is to save Earth, preserve nature and eliminate waste by implementing reusable and sustainable packaging made out of eco-friendly natural materials. The Krystal Grid Water Complex does not have to be cleaned with chemical substances and the water is not exposed to contamination from poisonous plastic packaging. Drinking this water will heal clients on a cellular level.

Krystal Stream 


The Krystal Stream is a unit which stores, purifies and charges glacial water, keeping both water and other beverages in underground water containers. The Krystal Stream is connected to underground internal tubes which lead to the Krystal Infinity and Krystal Fountain. The latter two apparatuses will give customers access to healthy oxygenated water from Iceland, Hawaii, and Australia, allowing more people to make natural alkaline water a daily part of their lives.


The Krystal Stream is made out of blue glass and has an oval shape. It contains two types of crystals, obsidian and quartz, that are vital to the activation of water molecules and are wrapped in a silver net to eliminate contaminants. In the Krystal Stream, glacial water comes into contact with sunlight that is reflected and refracted through the crystals, which then effectively recharges the water molecules with the sunlight. Additionally, both the silver net and blue glass have water-enriching properties that naturally activate and vitalize water molecules to enhance their healing capabilities.


The Krystal Stream is also equipped with special filters, such as a firewall and advanced UV water purification technologies, advancing the process of eliminating unwanted elements from natural glacial alkaline water aiding to provide the purest drinking water for customers worldwide.


Customers can look forward to engaging in proactive self-regeneration when they consume our enriched glacial water. As highlighted, the most natural method to heal our bodies is to drink natural alkaline water which has been infused with natural minerals and originates from the depths of the earth. We should take heed from our ancient ancestors who valued and honored precious water, as well as practiced water-healing for centuries.

Krystal Infinity


The Krystal Infinity apparatus is designed to replace toxic plastic bottles and disposable packaging for liquids. We urge all beverage companies to lease Krystal Infinity apparatus and include them in their manufacturing and distribution processes, ultimately eliminating the ‘throw-away’ mentality. It is essential to provide sustainable packaging and to educate nations the importance of reusing bottles through the principle of sterilization.


The EAF is concerned over the rise of a globally unhealthy population, as well as what lies ahead for future generations. In order to get to the core of global national health issues and solving them requires the acknowledgement that health is dependent on water quality, and that natural alkaline water can become the foundation of health for all people. Our organization has proactively taken the first step by designing a system that heals nations by providing natural alkaline water from Greenland and Iceland.


Working with the EAF, will allow beverage companies to obtain access to glacial water (which is optional), reusable and durable glass bottles, and an integrated digital touchless payment system. The water storage and temperature-regulating system will be based directly underground under the Krystal Stream. The Krystal Infinity and Krystal Fountain apparatuses will also need to be connected to the Krystal Stream via underground internal tubes which can be used by all nations.


The Krystal Infinity apparatus is powered by solar energy and will include solar panels on the roof which will sustainably power the entire Krystal Grid Water Complex.


The Krystal Infinity apparatus is composed of two sides.


The first side is the front which will allow customers to receive glacial water and other beverages enriched with natural vitamins and minerals. The Mineralization injector is located inside the apparatus providing customers the option to customize their water with the addition of Vitamins A, B or C, iron and zinc, or even the Krystals in Liquid form.


The second side is the back of the apparatus used for sterilization purposes. Essentially, this is a machine that can gently but effectively wash and sterilize bottles made of glass or aluminum. The bottles are steamed with silver ions for 100% disinfection of contaminants.

Krystal Grid Water Complex Residential ApSu

ApSu is a drinkable water service and storage, which allows our clients to have direct access to natural alkaline oxygenated water from Iceland and Greenland right in their homes. One of the biggest complications in today’s society was that modern civilization halted the evolution of water systems meant to deliver drinkable water to whole populations. Our solution is innovating and upgrading the over-used drinkable water system which is highly suitable in addressing today’s eco-conscious and health concerns.

ApSu Installation & ApSu Units

The Krystal Grid Glacial Water is delivered straight from the port to the Residential ApSu Water Storage System. ApSu utilizes titanium materials for water storage and pipelines. It is equipped with sensors for automatic water transfusion to the residences.


The ApSu units do not just carry water, but are also crucial to the process of enriching and oxygenating water with vitamins and minerals from natural resources. Our objective is to spearhead much needed change in water quality and we gladly choose to become the pioneers of providing access to high-quality natural alkaline water. Ultimately, the health and happiness of customers is paramount, as we seek to promote healthy lifestyles amongst all citizens of the world.

Second Vein AN-HAYYA Agri-Farm

Second Vein  An-Hayya Agri-Farm

Pahana Market

Pahana Market is designed to feed the nations with alkaline food sourced from local farmers. On a daily basis, farmers will provide vegetables, fruits, beans, bread, eggs and milk (amongst other produce) to the market. Their produce will first go through a laboratory that performs quality tests followed by quality certificates. Upon completion of certification, that produce will then be displayed in a retail setting for customers to purchase. Pahana Market is a retail platform where we will help local farmers sell their products and reach more customers.


We aim to cut down on the unnecessary intermediaries in transportation and packaging in the distribution chain, giving civilians the opportunity to be nourished by alkaline foods and water. Fundamentally, farming communities and families will be able to create an income with Pahana Market, by providing a supply of the local food produce they cultivate.

Pahana Farm

The goal of Pahana Farm is to provide micro-loans to finance personal mini farms which will allow locals to grow their own food. Thereafter, they are to contribute to Pahana Market’s supply of fresh alkaline foods for everyone in the world.

We constructed the Model 144 - Hens & Roster (H&R) to aid in this goal. Model 144 is composed of 1 chicken barn that has 9 hen’s nests, 18 hens, 1 roster and food with minerals. 

H&R is designed as an easy farm for individuals looking to make an extra income through home-based farming, as well as supplying eggs to Pahana market.

Floating Water Treatment: A New Life For Aqua Recovery.

EAF will convert phased-out large vessels into floating water with treatment plants that have the potential to add 20 years to each large tanker’s life cycle. This method will treat water so it can be reused in agriculture irrigation infrastructures.  


EAF Aqua Recovery Program also covers smaller barge-type vessels that could treat river water to supply communities with clean drinking water.


EAF will charge 1% Aqua Recovery Infrastructure Royalty Fees of Revenues. EAF will charge 2% of Pahana Market Infrastructure Royalty Fees of Revenues.

Agriculture consumption 


Worldwide, agriculture consumes 70% of all the water drawn and food production uses 30% of all the energy consumed on the planet. Given that the world will be facing a 40% water deficit by 2030 and energy demand is expected to grow 30%, there is an urgent need to develop more efficient methods of using resources.

Alternative Technologies


Today, there are several alternative technologies which can produce fertilizers from organic waste and sewage sludge. These processes primarily involve collecting, recovering and reusing phosphorus found in municipal wastewater and converting it in a way that allows decontaminated water to be reused. This ultimately reduces the demand and direct use of virgin water resources, which helps to preserve nature’s riches for human consumption.


Currently, we only utilize 2% of the 170 billion m3 of wastewater that is collected and processed annually throughout the world. The technologies we propose will enable wastewater used for irrigation of agricultural land to be reused. Our technologies will also conserve the nutrients of the wastewater, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, thereby limiting the use of chemical fertilizers and improving productivity.

New Technologies

An-Hayya will develop the use of organic waste (bio-waste, green waste and sewage sludge) as an alternative to synthetic fertilizers with the aim of preserving ecosystems and exploring new circular agricultural models. The circular model is an essential aspect for producing more food in such a way that supplements the income of farmers. The goal is to have several new initiatives fully operational by 2023, some of which include nutrient recovery plants.


Third Vein Uran-Tia

Uran-Tia Recycling dispensers are for Aluminum, Plastic, Paper, Glass, and Fabric.

The Uran-Tia Recycling Dispensers are designed to recycle waste which can be used for manufacturing non-toxic and reusable bottles, containers, shopping bags and so on. All dispensers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including the Tia Token incentive System. Customers will be able to use Tia tokens to purchase the products that Epinoia Aeon Federation manufactures from collected recycled materials.


The Uran-Tia recycling dispensers also contribute to the circular use and development of glass bottles, which is a critical replacement in the urgent issue regarding plastic bottles and aluminum cans. We are currently living in a plastic pandemic, with over 800 billion bottles and cans being thrown into not only landfills, but also our oceans per year.

We have designed and developed a New Standard for Glass bottles for beverage industry that will sanitize and sterilize glass bottles for reuse purposes.

At EAF, we have designed and developed a new standard for glass bottles that are pertinent to the needs of the beverage industry. This design is meant to sanitize and sterilize glass bottles for reuse.

Beverage manufacturers and grocery stores do not have vested interest in sanitizing and sterilizing bottles or any product for that matter. Uran-Tia can manage the deployment of glass-bottle sterilization units in strategic locations such as apartment buildings and shopping centers. Ultimately, we seek to reduce the logistical challenges that come with collecting recyclables and to educate citizens on the proper ways of reusing bottles. This can be achieved with discount price incentives in the promotion of new beverages.


Beverage companies will be required by governments to contribute to the new circular economy by 2025 with bottles made of eco-friendly alternative materials to replace plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

We hope to reach a point where beverage manufacturers will only need to pay $0.25 per bottle (which is the piece-rate fee for the sterilization and collection logistics). This is a great incentive compared to the cost needed to manufacture a new glass bottle at $0.32. Additionally, the sterilization fee of $0.25 is similar to the price of manufacturing a 17 oz clear PET plastic bottle.


Our goal is to capture a minimum of 5% of the market share, of which 100% of the market equals to 800 billion units of beverage bottles in the industry. This means we will aim to process 40 billion units per year with a profit of $0.05 cents/unit and an EBITDA of $2 billion.

Fourth Vein ANK Power Clean-Energy

The ANK Environment Pyrolysis technology specializes in processing high polymer waste, such as plastic waste, used tires, oil sludge, oil waste, biomass, hazardous waste and municipal sludge.


The ANK Pyrolysis equipment produces good quality, high energy, sustainable products that can be used to provide energy savings, environmental protection and a reduction in emissions. The Pyrolysis production line will be continuously operated with CE and TUV certificates in compliance with the EU’s Environment Standard.


Pyrolysis oils are made from rubber and waste plastics. Its energy content matches that of standard light fuel oil, perhaps even surpassing it as Pyrolysis gas is much more efficient than natural gas in providing heat.

Waste accumulation is a growing problem around the Globe

Using landfills has become increasingly expensive and decreasingly bio-secure, which is contributing to the growing problem of global waste accumulation. As natural decomposition processes are converting landfill waste into highly dangerous matter, such as landfill gas, authorities and businesses are starting to support alternative methods of waste disposal.


ANK waste-to-energy plants will reduce waste volumes by 87% and can also harness its embedded energy to produce electricity. The ANK Environment is committed to reducing the amount of general waste heading to landfills and providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative - incineration. Incineration has emerged as the safest and easiest method of general waste management where on-site incinerators will not only lower both the cost and time of organizing transport requirements, but also significantly decrease the risks of cross-contamination.


Eco-Friendly Investment

“Time is running out. We need to act now before it's too late”.

The Epinoia Aeon Federation is seeking investors with a clear consciousness and good intention towards Mother Earth. We have created an opportunity to participate in global environmental restoration efforts. Our Eco Projects present an opportunity for those who have the desire to participate in restoring Earth’s ecosystems once and for all. Future generations depend on us to heal the world and supply the world’s citizens with natural alkaline water and food.


Unfortunately, corporations have been contaminating populations and damaging Mother Earth for decades, some damages so detrimental they are deemed irreversible. They are greedy and making profits without regard to the future impacts on our environment. Their investment in such devastating projects, relegates them to a path that only benefits materialism, disregarding any signs of environmental pollution. Continuous wrong-doings damage the planet, kill animals and cause deforestation which thus kills essential life forms. In spite of their awareness, many still prioritize having a luxurious lifestyle and make it their purpose to pursue money, power and titles.


Here, an opportunity is provided to repair the ecological damage that we have wrecked on Earth through the investment, manufacturing and purchasing of low quality products. Join us and become a true savior of Mother Earth. Be a restorer of the ecosystem and a beacon of a bright future for yourself, for your family, and all of humanity.

Regardless if one is a customer or an investor, we are all part of the same world. Every civilian is responsible for their actions towards the environment. Everyone has a duty to protect our home.

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