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Let's heal the World Together 

EAF is a Intergovernmental organization composed of four Trans National Global Corporations. .


 MER-KA-BA is a International Financial Corporation


UWN is non-gov. organization of naturalistic society.

EAF presents worldwide infrastructure economic model with the projects for Eco communities, focused on humanitarian lifestyle.

Aspiring towards One Global Community is A True United World of Sovereign Nations.

The EAF seeks to represent the omnipotent Nature and Spiritual Energy that flows within all life forms, while establishing spiritual laws to purify the original lifestyle of humanity. However, most of the world’s population, including governing leaders, do not make it their priority to take care of Mother Earth’s natural resources. What action have individuals, nations and global leaders taken to preserve and to protect Mother Earth, other than taking part in inefficient and unconstructive attempts to solve the predicaments we face today?


Most nations are recklessly and rapidly mining the earth for raw materials, blindly believing that Mother Earth’s resources are eternal. We cannot be presented with clearer evidence that our natural resources are depleting. Even man-made advanced technologies or artificial (and corrupted) intelligence programs are unable to reverse the ecological damage wrought on earth.


Humans are poisoning their own food, water and air with chemicals and pollution, resulting in too many unnecessary resource wars to be fought. Materialism and greed have become prevalent goals of the modern world, deteriorating our individual spiritual powers and gradually turning us away from wholesome natural laws and spirituality.


To this day, there have been very few efforts made to stop civilization from travelling down this road of destruction that has only led to imbalances and disruptions for Mother Earth. Consequently, Global Warming has become a prominent issue forcing the most vulnerable, our children, to take matters into their own hands since we, their parents, have done nothing but bring our planet to this stage.


It is the EAF’s ambition to gather all honorable and benevolent world leaders to solve Earth’s problems peacefully. By providing a naturalistic lifestyle and circular economy for all future generations. A circular economy aids in community expansion and innovation with long-term revenue streams for global economic stability. We welcome environmentalists to participate in our Eco Investment Projects (EIP) to support efforts in correcting global malfunctions. The EIP applies innovative methods to heal Earth’s wounds, to restore and purify natural elements like air, water and land. 


Our leaders have failed this mission, and it is now up to all of us, as a human civilization, to band together and fight for world peace, eco-revival and renewal for all nations of Earth. 

The United World Nation Naturalistic Society

The EAF is a community of the United World Nation.

“In the era of Aquarius, water is valued and protected! We protect the rights of Earth & her inhabitants! We resurrect water arteries worldwide and change common laws and principles for good! We aim to establish Eternal Justice and Divine Laws! We reunite Creation and Evolution for the sake of humanity’s survival.”

⚘ We are born with morals and integrity, in absolute alignment with divine Nature and our Universe. We have been consciously programmed to fight those who threaten Mother Earth’s resources and inhabitants. Why should we tolerate and accept the unholy regimes and live at war with each other while destroying Mother Nature? ⚘

Take Action with The United World Nation

Join our movement of righteous people aiming to make Mother Earth prosper and bloom fully once again.


Ever since mankind began to wage conflict and war against each other, all semblance of unity and peace has been lost. A global rebirth to cleanse society’s heart and restore Mother Earth from illness involves the process of global purification. We thus adhere to the laws of the Creator and stay true to the spiritual path.


The Universe and all living beings were created through the acts of the Divine Will. We are all entitled to free will and choice, to live in peace, and to be nourished by the existing natural resources while simultaneously maintaining the balance between Mother Earth and her ecosystem. Yet the global political hierarchs are blatantly ignoring the ecological disasters that are gradually taking over our universal home. The unscrupulous actions of most political leaders and the corruption of industries will eventually lead humanity to self-extinction. 


Time and time again, it has been proven that we cannot count on our government officials when it comes to solving global problems. Placing our faith on war and relying on the help and support of those in power has become detrimental to us. Throughout history, national sovereignties have been broken, and governments from all nations have wrecked the Divine Gifts given by our Creators due to their ignorant and materialistic mentality.


Today we must unite as ONE caring Nation! Together, we can save our Mother Earth by purifying the air and collecting waste from oceans. We must educate our citizens on the importance of protecting Earth’s ecosystem for the sake of future generations. Our Creator did not intend to plague Earth with man-made nuclear explosives, biological weapons, toxic wastes and oil spills only to kill all existing life forms. Our Creator gave us a platform to thrive, which we have failed greatly. Humans are destroying nature and dooming themselves into self-extinction. Earth is in danger!


The planet was not filled with invaluable subsoil resources only to be wrongfully mined by humans. While some minerals are essential for us, it is our duty to be environmentally responsible for carefully borrowing these resources. We are not supposed to be reaping Earth’s natural resources to begin with!


Sadly, humans continue to contaminate precious water resources while blindly disregarding environmental issues and dismissing the impact of pollution. Many of us are aware of the serious environmental problems we face today, yet we still knowingly persist in over-consumption. Most consumers mindlessly mass-purchase products, benefiting low quality production and use of toxic materials, resulting in tons of harmful waste. Citizens of developed countries continue to uphold materialism and display gluttonous and greedy behavior while poor economic nations are faced with myriad issues, such as starvation and extreme poverty amongst others. 


Our goal is neither to gain political control, monetary wealth nor military power. Rather, we seek to promote the welfare of all humanity and preserve the world in a natural way. We want to bring our world back to its perfect equilibrium, where humans can thrive by returning to their natural born morals and spiritual principles.


A message from the Universal, Sovereign Citizen X.

Four Transnational Global Corporations

 * KRYSTAL GRID Water Complex: Glacial Water commercial and residential.

 * AN HAYYA: Pahana market & Farm, waste Water reuse for agriculture land, Irrigation system.

 * URAN TIA: Recycling system for sustainable materials.

* ANK POWER convert waste into clean Energy


Establish humanitarian lifestyle.
Replaces and repairs aging infrastructure assets with innovative substitutes.

The EAF upholds 4 Veins, or principles, that are innovative infrastructures designed to restore humanity’s well-being. Our ECO projects are calibrated to educate nations to respect Mother Earth, value water and appreciate nature. This is achieved by integrating all citizens into a circular economic lifestyle and mindset. Essentially, the 4 Veins are meant to restore Mother Earth by purifying and protecting Air, Land and Water.


The EAF exists independently of donations from individuals or other organizations. We encourage interested parties to make direct Eco-Investments into our projects. Most non-profit organizations that fight for environmental issues depend on inconsistent external funding. Consequently, those organizations become ineffective from their main objective - to educate the citizens and ensure mass awareness of the devastating consequences of environmental damage.


In order to survive, mankind must take on serious responsibilities by:

  • Preventing excessive formation and accumulation of new waste.

  • Cleansing Mother Earth of all current man-made waste

  • Reducing the output of CO2, methane gas and other toxic chemical pollutants.


All 4 Veins are linked to Mer - the Digital Bank, KA - the Eco Investment, and Ba - the Electronic Currency.

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